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Research Topics   


My research addresses the dynamics of social-cognitive processes that are involved in the performance of persons who practice physical or sport activities either for health, well-being, or competition. My favorite topic is achievement motivation as it can be examined through the lens of the dynamical systems theory. I am also interested in another topic that features these dynamical patterns well: psychological momentum, a phenomenon that reflects how individuals may either spiral up, thus getting on a roll (positive momentum), or spiral down and maybe collapse (negative momentum).



Ongoing projects


- Identification of the conditions under which the relative prepotence of approach and avoidance behaviors displays one of three dynamic patterns: resistance of the currently prepotent motivational state to perturbation (stability), oscillation in the relative prepotence of approach and avoidance in response to perturbation (instability), and reversal in the relative prepotence of approach and avoidance in response to perturbation (nonlinear change).

- Agent-based modelling of approach and avoidance in achievement contexts.

- Examination of the dynamics of short term and long term psychological momentum in sport.


Administratives charges within the laboratory


- Head of the team “Cognitive and Social-Cognitive Emerging Dynamics (DynaCSE)”

- Member of the Managing Council of the laboratory

Main scientific productions (2011-2015)


Den Hartigh, R. J. R., Cox, R. F. A., Gernigon, C., Van Yperen, N. W., & Van Geert, P. L. C. (in press). Pink noise in rowing ergometer performance and the role of expertise. Motor Control.

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